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The Genesee Hotel – a salutary lesson from Dave Trott

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

A great lesson to us all…

A view from Dave Trott

By Dave Trott, campaignlive.co.uk, Thursday, 18 June 2015
Mary Miller, a 35-year-old blonde, went up to the eighth floor of the Genesee Hotel, opened a window

and climbed on to the ledge.

She sat on the ledge.
A crowd gathered and when the police arrived, everyone assumed they’d talk her down.
But they didn’t.
A press photographer describes what happened:
“I snatched my camera from the car and took two quick shots as the young woman seemed to hesitate.
“As quickly as possible, I shoved the exposed film into the case and reached for a fresh holder.
“I no sooner had pulled the slide out and got set for another shot than she waved to the crowd below and pushed herself into space. “Screams and shouts burst from the horrified onlookers as her body plummeted toward the street.
“I took a firm grip on myself, waited until the woman passed the second or third storey, and then I shot.”

There are two parts I find chilling about his account.
First is the way he waited.
Not taking the shot too early, waiting to get it just before she hit.
Not pressing the shutter at the fifth or sixth floor but making himself wait until the second or third floor.

Knowing it would make a better picture.
The other part I find chilling is the woman’s reaction.
She acknowledged the people who had turned up to watch her.
She politely waved goodbye; it would be rude not to.
She didn’t want people to think she was rude.
But something else should make the picture chilling for ad people.
When 100 people were shown that photo, 96 didn’t see the woman.
They saw HOTEL, they saw FREE GARAGE, they saw COFFEE SHOP, they even saw the striped barber’s pole. But, unprompted, they didn’t notice a woman falling.
Some, at a quick glance, thought it was a sign on the building.
They weren’t looking for anything unusual, so they didn’t see it.
They just saw what they expected: the obvious.
That reaction is a lesson for everyone in the communication business.

People aren’t waiting to interpret our clever messages.
People’s minds are concentrating on their own lives.
People aren’t waiting to engage with us… We have to do the work of making them notice, otherwise they won’t Before we can communicate with them, we have to penetrate their world.
People aren’t waiting to engage with us and carefully decipher our ever-so-subtle wit.
They’re not waiting to work our ads out like a crossword clue.
We have to do the work of making them notice, otherwise they won’t.
It’s our job, it’s not their job.

This article was first published on campaignlive.co.uk




…It’s what designers do!

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

Dan Black, a hugely talented designer, was influenced by another great designer, Jean-Pierre Vitrac.

Vitrac shared this cartoon with Dan, saying “this is what designers do!”

Surely this is what everyone, in whatever capacity, should be doing when at work.

Check out Dan’s company website www.black-blum.com to see some great design ideas that prove he really is getting to!!!!


The Brave New World of Communications…

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

I’ve just read this really interesting piece posted by JWT on LinkedIn.

Whilst it is obviously chasing business, it is based on the realisation that communications is changing – fundamentally.

Consumers are seeking to be engaged and to interact with brands – to buy from those they trust, not just those that shout the loudest or longest.
Read it for yourself here.

There’s no T in Prich.

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

I like a cup of tea as much as the next man (milk and one sugar if you’re doing a round). After all, the British Empire was founded on tea. But this post is not really about that… it’s about getting my name right. It’s Prich… not PriTch.

Nick Prichard, not Nick PriTchard. No T.

If you google Nick Pritchard, you get a completely different chap. You’ll get a tenor who sang for New College, Oxford if you go to nickpritchard.co.uk, but again, not me.

So just remember, if you’re looking for me, there’s “No T in Prich”.

Does the world need another blog?

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

Hi, and welcome to the Prich blog.

Does the world need another blog? Probably not. But maybe you’ll be interested in the my musings on the world of business and commerce, especially the areas that include my ‘core skills’- Marketing, Branding, Strategy Development, Creative Ideas, Relationship Marketing, Strategy, Team Building et al.

All ideas and thoughts will be entirely mine. So it could be a load of tosh but may inspire some further debate, even if it is just to say what a load of bollocks!