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Go walk!

July, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

I vowed to walk at least 10km every day back in November 2014.

Not by going crazy and wearing lycra and yomping everywhere but by organising my life to allow me to walk to meetings rather than using public transport.

Or taking the stairs not lifts.

Or going the coffee shop a little further from the office for the afternoon brew!

Today I was really interested to see this image  of the brain after 20 mins walking.

I now know that when we exercise, even when going for a short walk, endorphins are released by the body to “ease the pain” and allow us to continue.

Endorphins make us feel good!

Walking is no marathon run, so there is no real pain to counter, but the body still produces those endorphins.

It still wants to make us feel good, give us a “natural buzz”.

Added to this buzz, getting out and walking can provide real physical break, makes us look around at our world  and develop totally fresh ideas or thoughts.

(A word of advice – don’t look at the mobile whilst walking, otherwise you take your office with you, have your head down all the time and look like Mr Bean when you walk into a lamp post!)

Friends and colleagues will also notice changes in you. Change for the better – in how you look, your temperament and even that your eyes are brighter!

How do I know this?

Pacer tells me that since November 2014 I have walked over 300Km, averaging around 11km a day.

The inside of my brain must look like a 1960’s tie dye shirt!


Some wonderfully powerful ideas

July, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

9ba61ea735a6164fbde05546f27d7bb1A post on LinkedIn shows how powerful a single idea still is in this ever changing world.

Some great ads with hugely strong messages that cut through the clutter.

Check them out for yourself here.