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Customer Service

November, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

Skilled female hairstylist is cutting cutting hair with scissors at a barber shop. Close up of by head and hands of hairdresser with Scissors and comb.

I have just seen on the BBC website a radio article about a barber that went the extra mile to ensure an autistic boy had a haircut.


Exactly the same happened to me this weekend.

My son, Joe, who is autistic, and I had a very similar experience.

We went to a new barber as our old one, who he was used to, had moved away.

One thing autistic people hate is change.

Anyway, we went into the barber and there were two barbers free.

Joe was very perturbed and noisy.

They were great asking my son which one he wanted to cut his hair and he pointed to one – he does not talk.

Joe then continued to be very agitated – not calm at all. Jon, the barber could not have been more calm and patient.

He waited for Joe and even asked for some other customers to wait until he was finished. (They were great too.)

The other barber also took time to show helicopters to Joe on her phone – Joe loves helicopters.

Anyway, after much noise and palava the haircut was completed.

Jon the barber was brilliant as was the other barber, whom I did not catch the name – sorry.

Both stories not only show how many wonderful people there are in the world but how great customer service natural for some but is always remembered.

I have already recommended Jon to other people.

Then today I read an article in Marketing Week about the vast sums being invested in CRM – to keep customers by tailoring personal messages to them.

CRM may be the future but a great quality from the past, that is called customer service, is far cheaper and is the best personalised contact with customers that any business can make.

If anyone wants a haircut, I know a great barber.

Radio 5 article