China Environmental Policy and how it is affecting commodity prices

A comment piece researched and written for a client company website and posted on LinkedIn. Background Early in January the monthly review of commodity price movement was printed – not a riveting read but a vital one in the premium business. This edition is the fun one

A case study for Sports Sponsorship Insider

Case study written for annual review of Sports Sponsorship Project details Title:                                        Shell – Ferrari’s Innovation Partner Sector:                  

Why are certain agencies always ignored?

This post was written for an internal newsletter for a Prich client. Why are certain agencies always ignored? Back in August Print Week ran an article that got the powers that be at ASL thinking. It was a report of an interesting (and successful,) promotion being

Customer Service

I have just seen on the BBC website a radio article about a barber that went the extra mile to ensure an autistic boy had a haircut. Spooky! Exactly the same happened to me this weekend. My son, Joe, who is autistic, and I had a

Wonderful content

As part of my Online Squared course which is helping me assess the suitability of digital marketing tools to day to day communication problems, I am lectured on the importance of content – especially video content – as a great communication channel in the digital world. The examples used on the