Go walk!

I vowed to walk at least 10km every day back in November 2014. Not by going crazy and wearing lycra and yomping everywhere but by organising my life to allow me to walk to meetings rather than using public transport. Or taking the stairs not lifts. Or going

Some wonderfully powerful ideas

A post on LinkedIn shows how powerful a single idea still is in this ever changing world. Some great ads with hugely strong messages that cut through the clutter. Check them out for yourself here.  

The Genesee Hotel – a salutary lesson from Dave Trott

A great lesson to us all… A view from Dave Trott By Dave Trott, campaignlive.co.uk, Thursday, 18 June 2015 Mary Miller, a 35-year-old blonde, went up to the eighth floor of the Genesee Hotel, opened a window and climbed on to the ledge. She sat on

…It’s what designers do!

Dan Black, a hugely talented designer, was influenced by another great designer, Jean-Pierre Vitrac. Vitrac shared this cartoon with Dan, saying “this is what designers do!” Surely this is what everyone, in whatever capacity, should be doing when at work. Check out Dan’s company website www.black-blum.com to see

The Brave New World of Communications…

I’ve just read this really interesting piece posted by JWT on LinkedIn. Whilst it is obviously chasing business, it is based on the realisation that communications is changing – fundamentally. Consumers are seeking to be engaged and to interact with brands – to buy from those they trust,