For eight years I headed up the FIFA team at ADM. This team worked with all their sponsors – including some of the biggest brands in the world – to develop their merchandise and POS campaigns in support of key FIFA tournaments. I made sure that ADM developed creative merchandise that supported the sponsors’ brand values and goals for the tournament.

The 2014 World Cup™ in Brasil allowed us to develop original ideas that tapped into the country’s confidence, music, and love of football.


After the vuvuzela of South Africa, ADM pushed for a Brasilian equivalent. We developed the ‘Brasil Bottle’ – a unique combination of the distinctive local apito whistle and caixa rattle, packaged in the iconic Coke bottle shape. It was one of the most original and sought-after items at the Word Cup, adding to the Coca-Cola brand.

That’s good brand support.



FIFA World Cup™ Global merchandise programme.

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Develop a range of merchandise that supports the brand and the event. Create a bespoke and easy to use e-commerce system.

Range to appeal to key target markets – “soccer mums”, fans and staff. Ordering and payment to be as simple as possible.

Coke-TeeSlide 1Solution
Develop totally new items to be included in a strongly branded and high-quality range. Launch an e-commerce system that could be used by any country in the world at any time to deliver real savings.

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Massive orders – both in total and financially – taken from over 100 countries worldwide.

Watch the promo video we made on YouTube, here.

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