Increasing Revenues

In all my marketing roles, I really enjoy developing the process and relationships that create a new business pipeline. Converting this pipeline into a commercial business stream is core to what I’ve been doing over the last eight years, including running and presenting pitches, agreeing contracts and building open, honest and ongoing partnerships.


For the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ in Brasil I generated a turnover of €18M for ADM through building strong business relationships with FIFA sponsors and partners.

On my watch, both the total number of sponsors and the turnover saw unprecedented growth around the 2014 event. From 7 to 16 sponsors. Turnover increased to €45M.

Our new sponsors were big names like Coca-Cola, Johnson and Johnson, AB InBev, Itau Bank and Liberty Mutual. Growth of €27M is proof of my ability to develop the business.

That’s how to increase revenues.

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