Mara Seaweed

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

Extend distribution network for original product with wonderful health properties.

Develop network of relevant distributors / retailers and educate them about the product and history of the brand

Increase Mara distribution

Whole Mara rangeSolution
Develop ambassador programme with established and well thought of chefs & cooks – Paul Hollywood.

Establish YouTube channel.

Set up as many face to face meetings with retail network


Mara tested in 200 M&S outlets in Q2 and Q3 2015, before striking a nationwide distribution deal with Morrisons in 2016, which was renewed in 2017.


June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

For eight years I headed up the FIFA team at ADM. This team worked with all their sponsors – including some of the biggest brands in the world – to develop their merchandise and POS campaigns in support of key FIFA tournaments. I made sure that ADM developed creative merchandise that supported the sponsors’ brand values and goals for the tournament.

The 2014 World Cup™ in Brasil allowed us to develop original ideas that tapped into the country’s confidence, music, and love of football.


After the vuvuzela of South Africa, ADM pushed for a Brasilian equivalent. We developed the ‘Brasil Bottle’ – a unique combination of the distinctive local apito whistle and caixa rattle, packaged in the iconic Coke bottle shape. It was one of the most original and sought-after items at the Word Cup, adding to the Coca-Cola brand.

That’s good brand support.



FIFA World Cup™ Global merchandise programme.

Slide 1

Develop a range of merchandise that supports the brand and the event. Create a bespoke and easy to use e-commerce system.

Range to appeal to key target markets – “soccer mums”, fans and staff. Ordering and payment to be as simple as possible.

Coke-TeeSlide 1Solution
Develop totally new items to be included in a strongly branded and high-quality range. Launch an e-commerce system that could be used by any country in the world at any time to deliver real savings.

Slide 1Result
Massive orders – both in total and financially – taken from over 100 countries worldwide.

Watch the promo video we made on YouTube, here.


June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin


Following 4 years constant involvement within Brasil I have built a strong network of marketers, senior commercial executives, creatives, manufacturers, logistics experts, finance, agencies, entrepreneur and major brand contacts.



A Brasilian food exporter wanted to extend the markets that their local products could be sold to.


Develop a name, brand and support materials around a classic Brasilian food – acai.


Launch the product into the EMEA market.


Develop the “Acai Tropical” brand, support materials and distribution kiosks to make entry into market as easy as possible

Acai Tropical NP-1


A major food chain in Middle East tested Acai Tropical kiosks in Q4 2015. In 2016 kiosks were rolled out in over 200 food stores.

Acai Tropical NP


2010 FIFA World Cup

June, 2015 · By PrichAdmin

Launch the mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ for FIFA.

Develop a stand out point of sale item featuring the mascot for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ for FIFA.

Get the mascot noticed and loved in South Africa, the host country.

Develop a life size soft version of the mascot. Then distribute in shopping malls, airports and stadia so that fans and members of the public could touch, cuddle and be photographed with him.

Zakumi became a cult figure in South Africa – cries of “Zaaaakoooomi could be heard in the shopping malls as soon as shoppers saw the display.


FIFA World Cup 2014™

May, 2015 · By PrichAdmin


Official launch of the mascot for the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ in partnership with Tier 1 sponsor Coca-Cola.


Develop a unique exclusive official mascot premium to drive a “text and win” promotion on all Coke bottles and cans for the launch of the mascot for September 2014.

 3D front
3D back


Link Coca-Cola in Brasil with the FIFA World Cup™ at launch of mascot, 18 months before tournament start.


Limited run of 10,000 units of a unique sized 40cm soft toy – plush – of the official mascot, with Coca-Cola branding.


Hugely successful promotion with highest ever entry levels and record time for full fulfilment.

40cm Coke - Front

40cm back



Brand Support

July, 2014 · By PrichAdmin

Shell sought ideas to increase their brand awareness amongst millennials.
An open “ideas” brief was researched and a focused response given.
The approach to answer this brief was to investigate brands that had achieved this simple, yet often elusive, goal and gain insights into how they had achieved the feat.
From investigating these brands, the overall conclusion was made that any idea had to “be good, be useful and to be entertaining.”

A range of highly original concepts and sponsorship ideas were then presented. Along with these, a raft of supporting measures to boost awareness were suggested, going well beyond expectations.

That’s brand support.