Why are certain agencies always ignored?

This post was written for an internal newsletter for a Prich client.

Why are certain agencies always ignored?

Back in August Print Week ran an article that got the powers that be at ASL thinking.

It was a report of an interesting (and successful,) promotion being run by PG tips during the second half of 2016 – see below.

It was not the promotion, or it’s success that got us thinking, it was these two lines

PG Tips has worked with London-based integrated agency Hey Human on the project.

It’s not clear whether the companies are working with a UK supplier to provide the mug printing and fulfilment service.

The integrated agency gets a name check but the mere “supplier” agency is unknown!

Is this always the lot of those who actually design, make and deliver the goods?

On the whole yes!

But why?

The premiums industry, the agencies that develop and make merchandise or promotional items such as this mug, is a multi billion dollar concern.

There are many, many fine local, national and international agencies that work with the biggest and most famous brands in the World – making items such as these mugs.

Indeed, their promotional items have been vital in building these brands, think of how long and how desired many Coca – Cola merchandise items are.

Yet their names, despite many being long established, very successful and highly creative, are often ignored.

They are purveyors of “trinkets and trash” and perceived as not as creative or exciting as the design, integrated or digital agencies that seem to come and go.

Their creativity such as the idea to personalise a tea mug for consumers is seen as prosaic.

Yet half a million Brits had direct online contact with Unilever, with a 32% interaction rate  – a percentage that many a digital agency would win huge plaudits for in marketing press.

Sales in participating stores increased by up to 25% and winners will be drinking from a personalised mug with a strong reminder of the PG brand every day.

So lets not ignore the premium and merchandise companies – they are a key part of a marketers armoury, delivering tangible brand reminders direct to consumers as well as increasing immediate sales.

And the supplier for this mug initiative, which I am sure many of you have guessed by now, was ASL Global, who actually originated the idea and went to Unilever with it in the first place.

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