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As part of my Online Squared course which is helping me assess the suitability of digital marketing tools to day to day communication problems, I am lectured on the importance of content – especially video content – as a great communication channel in the digital world.

The examples used on the course are, to be frank, too saccharin for me. Big corporates trying to show how wonderful they are by having some spurious link to a good cause or showing how only they can identify some “human” trait through using their product!

I have not been greatly wowed, such highly controlled communication can lead to cynicism and brand negativity as well as all those good thoughts desired by the content maker.

Then I see this great version of content via Air New Zealand and the principles of the video content that the course is trying to establish all fall into place.

And this is just for an in flight safety film!

Check it out for yourself – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtQp6YD3Uc7Q439xlWL6APA?gclid=CIyH1IGpsMcCFS7KtAodk5kFWg

My opinion of Air New Zealand is nothing but positive now and I do not even like the All Blacks!

Just goes to show that every piece of communication – even as mundane as an in flight safety film – can become a wonderful opportunity.

The only problem I can see is casting Martin Johnson as the devil – surely even the devil is not that ugly!
Unknown copy All-Blacks-Men-in-Black-3


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